The idea behind Cayumi Gaming

These are the reason why I decided to create this website, it’s been a long process and it took me some time before I finally got around to start creating it:

  1. During my time in Clash I’ve been part of recruiting numerous members, ranging from completely new players to maxed out accounts. For the better part of that time we’ve answered the same questions over and over and over again; what army shall I use at TH9? Can you explain dragon funneling? What’s the most effective way to farm Dark Elixir, etc. Instead of sending people to google, YouTube and the forums or answering the same questions over and over in-game I decided to create my own content for this purpose.
  2. We’ve always saved tricky bases we faced in war, to copy and use what’s good about them to our advantage. Quite often these bases never made it further than the camera roll on a phone or tablet, eventually getting deleted. So I started to make speed builds and categorize them after Town Hall, all to make it more accessible.

These incentives finally got me to create this website; a constant work in progress that also keeps my creative side at bay.

My accounts


My main account, maxed Town Hall 11 apart from Laboratory and Walls. This account will advance to Town Hall 12 when it’s released.


My first mini, originally for donating troops to myself and it was a war focused 9,75. The account is in the process of de-engineering and will stay max Town Hall 11.


Second mini created solely for war. It was a heavy engineered TH10 but is now in the process of de-engineering. The account will stay max Town Hall 10.

Brass Knuckles

Close to max Town Hall 9, working on last few hero levels and walls. The account will stay max Town Hall 9.


Accompany account created when making the guides on this website. Currently Town Hall 6 and the account will stay max Town Hall 8.

Adult Warriors

We war back to back and we encourage people to be part of as many wars as possible and keep developing their skills. In Clan Games we always reach the final tier. We have a friendly, educational and fun environment with people from all over the world.

We are always looking for new good members and comply a small set of rules:

  • Age 18+
  • Be active in War and Clan Games
  • English only
  • No rushed bases

You can apply in-game, type “Cayumi” in the request so we know where you found us, or contact me here and we sort it out.

Support Cayumi Gaming

Donations of any size to keep this project running is highly appreciated! Use the button below to donate through PayPal: